MENCOVAZ, founded in 2007, emerged from the fusion of 3 real estate consulting and valuation companies, each of them accumulating experience since the mid 1980’s.

High standards of professionalism, specialized technical performance, accuracy and integrity guide MENCOVAZ’s performance. The company operates under a Quality Management System (QMS) and complies with ISO 9001 as certified, since 2010, by APCER (Portuguese Certification Association) and by IQNet (The International Certification Network).

MENCOVAZ is registered in CMVM (Portuguese Securities Market Commission) as a Real Estate Valuer (PAI/2008/0011) and it’s a member of ASAVAL (Professional Valuation Firms Association) – the Portuguese associate of both TEGoVA (The European Group of Valuers’ Association) and ForVal (Forum of Valuation Companies’ Association).

MENCOVAZ has sixteen employees in exclusivity regime operating from its offices in Lisbon (Headquarters) and Porto (North Delegation). Included in this team are five Real Estate Valuer (PAI) with the REV (Recognised European Valuer) title, awarded by TEGoVA/ASAVAL, to a small group of professionals in Portugal.

Beyond the employees working in exclusivity regime, MENCOVAZ relies on a network of skilled experts throughout the country territory, including Portugal Mainland and both the Autonomous Regions of Azores and Madeira. This network comprises about 160 Real Estate Valuers, 35 Qualified Experts in Energy Certification and Building’s Indoor Air Quality, and about 30 highly qualified experts in areas ranging from architecture to civil and mechanical engineering, who are responsible for performing specific tasks such as accident claim inspections/surveys, on-site construction monitoring and supervision.

In addition to its activity in Portugal, MENCOVAZ also operates abroad via strategic partnerships, having acquired some experience of Real Estate Valuation in European Union markets, namely in Spain and Poland.

In order to be a market leader not only in Real estate valuation, but also in Business/Company valuations, MENCOVAZ established partnerships with certified accounting firms and consultants specialized in “Business development” and is already operating in this area.

MENCOVAZ also has, in its internal staff, experts with technical capacity to develop valuations of mobile asset and equipment

MENCOVAZ, despite the vast experience of its employees, is committed to continuous training, considering it as an investment multiplier of knowledge and a guarantee of performance of excellence in all its areas of activity.


Real Estate Valuation

MENCOVAZ provides Real Estate Valuations of all types of properties: fractions or complete buildings (for housing, commerce, services or industrial use), land plots/parcels (rustic, urban or mixed) and other properties of special characteristics (such as hotels, estates with agricultural income, golf courses, marinas, quarries, fuel stations, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, schools, assisted residencies, etc.). MENCOVAZ does Real Estate Valuations for various entities (Banks, Real estate investment funds, insurers, government entities, companies and individuals) and for several purposes (buying and selling, mortgage-backed credit, specialized credit, leasing, construction financing, insurance, property seizure, divorces, inheritance division, expropriations, etc.). To do so, it uses a network of about 160 Real Estate Valuers (PAI) registered in the CMVM (Portuguese Securities Market Commission) covering the entire national territory (Mainland and the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira) and abroad, to selected local partners. The Real Estate Valuations conducted by MENCOVAZ are made in accordance with the international valuation standards, including the EVS (European Valuation Standards), published by TEGoVA (The European Group of Valuers’ Association), and IVS (International Valuation Standards), published by the IVSC (International Valuation Standards Council). MENCOVAZ also calculates the fair compensation values due to the expropriated in processes associated with the construction of road, railway, water supply, sewage, gas, public utilities or urban recovery actions, by request of either from individuals or public entities.


Real Estate Investment Analysis

MENCOVAZ makes real estate investment analysis and Business Plan Development, providing investors with a systematic set of information that is the basis for decision making on the realization or not of a real estate investment. This analysis may also developed by MENCOVAZ into the level of the investment project comprising six fundamental generic steps: 1) Identification; 2) Preparation; 3) Analysis; 4) Decision; 5) Execution; 6) Operation and Control. MENCOVAZ provides these services relying on a multidisciplinary team that includes Real Estate Appraisal Experts, Senior Civil Engineers, Chartered Accounting Technicians and Revisers and technicians/consultants in “Real Estate Investment Analysis”.


Business/Company Valuation

MENCOVAZ frequently determines the book value for the purposes of the balance sheet of real estate, whether or not used in the holding, for companies of any type, using the concepts defined by the IAS (International Accounting Standards). MENCOVAZ also has partnerships with companies with Chartered Accounting Technicians (TOC) and Revisers (ROC) that allow the full evaluation of companies including all their assets and liabilities.


Mobile Assets and Equipment Valuations

MENCOVAZ valuates mobile assets and equipment of any type of facilities (agricultural, livestock or industrial, offices, stores or houses). MENCOVAZ carries out valuations of any kind movable property for any type of entity (banks, funds, mutual associations, insurers, state entities, commercial companies and individuals) and for any purpose (buying and selling, mortgage-backed credit, specialized credit, , expropriations, judicial separations, inheritance division and others). To this end, it resorts to a network of expert evaluators covering the entire national territory (Mainland and the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira) and abroad, to selected local partners. The valuation of mobile assets and equipment carried out by MENCOVAZ are carried out by Expert Valuers with specific training in this area (Architects, Civil Engineers and Mechanical Engineers, Naval Engineers, etc.).


Energy Performance Certification

MENCOVAZ carries out a continuous evaluation of the energy performance of buildings and produces energy certificates, issued by ADENE (Energy Agency), for any type of building: residential, commercial or service buildings (with and without air conditioning). To this end, MENCOVAZ relies on a network of 35 Qualified Experts (Levels I and II), covering the national territory (Mainland and Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira).


Surveys, Monitoring and Construction Supervision

MENCOVAZ counts on highly qualified employees (senior Civil Engineers) for the performance of surveys on the field of Civil Engineering for several purposes, including:

  • Technical assistance, supervision and monitoring of works, at the request of the Owner or any other interested party (often Condos), informing, periodically – via minute – on the progress of the works and measures to implement good execution of the works, or resolution of pathologies, such as humidity, infiltration, structural settlements, etc.;
  • Cost assessment of claims of various kinds (fire, flood, structural breaks, displacement of foundation soils, etc.) to set amounts of compensation for losses, at the request of courts or insurers (either national or foreign);
  • Certified expertise opinions, usually at the request of the purchaser, including structural safety assessment, identification of pathologies, overall and respective technical installations conservation state assessment.

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